Chris Dee

Chris Dee is an award-winning playwright, entertainment consultant, and metafiction author who brings real life experience to her storyverse, fusing it with unimagined truth and depth. She is a woman who has squatted down next to a 500-lb Bengal tiger and petted its fur. She has held an ocelot in her arms and allowed it to ‘groom’ her forearm. She has spent the night in a cabin with two rambunctious caracals. She studied art in Florence, Italy, worked in a museum and walked through its galleries after closing. She knows the difference between Picasso and Pissarro, Manet and Monet. She has been inside Cartier. She has been inside a corporate board room. She has been on a yacht and in a private plane. The life experience Chris Dee brings to these tales brings a depth to the characters unseen in any previous incarnations.

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